5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools to Choose in 2020

free digital marketing tools

Free Digital Marketing Tools: Starting a business is not an easy task and more when you are dealing with the competition and the economic changes that we suffer today. In some countries, only 25% of new businesses survive the first two years. This means that 75% of the companies that started in 2019 will be closing their doors in 2021.

And not only the new companies are suffering, but it also happened to the American company Sears who at the end of 2018 announced its bankruptcy thanks to the fact that it could not migrate correctly to the world of the Internet. And if that happens to one of the most iconic chains in the world, imagine what happens to companies that start without knowing anything about the digital world.

That’s why in this technological world, we invite you to start your business or brand using digital marketing tools to help you position yourself in the heart of the public and the Internet for this 2020.

Here are the 5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools to Choose in 2020 that can help you be relevant and generate more leads.

1. Neilpatel.com

Neil Patel is a well-known Digital Marketer in the world of marketing. You can find material and learn for free about digital marketing thanks to his youtube channel where you can keep up to date on this content.

If that is your goal in 2020, learn digital marketing, you should not miss the opportunity also to read his blog where Nail Patel publish fresh content on a regular basis.

The truth is that the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal rated Neil Patel as one of the Internet’s influence leaders. While Forbes magazine places him in the top 10 worldwide of digital marketing specialists. In fact, he is the creator of the powerful SEO tool Ubersuggest.

If you already have some experience in digital marketing, probably you have read his content. Neil Patel is characterized by creating clear and very illustrative content. In his YouTube channel, you can find information on topics related to digital marketing such as SEO, e-mail marketing, social networks and much more.

2. Grammarly.com

Following the fact that many companies and brands have their own blogs, many anti-plagiarism tools have been created to avoid falling into the error of copying the work of a third party.

In the field of spelling, grammar, and some additional functions we also have many tools, but if that tool, in addition to helping you avoid plagiarism, helps you improve your way of expressing yourself of everything we are writing?

An application that promises to fulfill that premise is Grammarly, an easy-to-remember and intelligent name. There are a few tools and online text checking solutions that review your articles to verify that they are easy to read, without grammar or spelling errors, but Grammarly goes one step further, also increasing your ability to select appropriate words and expressions.

In addition to having a good online and real-time grammar reviewer, Grammarly helps you correct other common problems such as using excess words, repeated phrases, clichés and redundancies in your paragraphs. This is an excellent digital marketing tool to choose in 2020.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool offered by Google for free to all users who have a website. It is one of the key tools for SEO and other digital disciplines such as SEO and Digital Marketing, also to people who supervise their websites because it gives access to multiple diagnoses that are very necessary to manage those sites.

google search console

All we need is to have a Google account and add a code on our site, either on our server or on our website, it is not necessary to create an account in Search Console to appear in the SERP, but it is highly recommended since We can control more or less as Google sees us.

4. Google Analytics (Best Free Online Marketing Tool)

For us, Google Analytics is one of those tools that people often overlook without knowing all the opportunities they are missing. To start, what makes Google Analytics relevant is that it allows you to monitor the interaction that visitors or users have with your site: where they come from, what content they are consuming and when they are doing it.

Perhaps for some, this is very basic and they think it is irrelevant but the reality is that this information is super valuable and can help you optimize and improve your marketing strategy.

You can know what is attracting users; if it is a specific social network or a publication. If they find your site directly in the search engine or if they do it through another website such as a blog where they mentioned you or a paid advertisement.

It is also super easy to install, it deserves the opportunity as one of the free tools for digital marketing to choose in 2020.

5. Facebook Creator Studio

This tool manages Facebook pages and one of its most important functions is that we can program content on both Instagram and IGTV from the same platform, something very necessary for brands that want to plan a digital marketing strategy.

Next, we can show you some of the Facebook Creator Studio features:

  1. Content planning: You can choose the date on which you want to publish your content.
  2. Subtitles in our videos: We can also generate subtitles automatically in different languages to our shared videos.
  3. New metrics: You will also be able to see new metrics of reproduction and interaction of all the publications.

Thanks to this tool, our daily work is facilitated on Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook. And most importantly this is one of the best and free digital marketing tools.

You will need to set the objectives that you would like to achieve in this 2020. You can always rely on these latest free digital marketing tools to help grow your company. Remember that the internet and digital marketing are essential today to get potential customers so you can always innovate to get good results.