Why is Freelancing Far Better Than a Day Job?

freelancing vs day job

The work as a freelancer is a method where a skilled (entry, intermediate, and expert) professional strat working his/ her own. S/he take more than just 1 project and complete the assigned task in given time frame. While the duration of the working hours is in full debate, the freelance model is also a solution that delivers the decision of the hourly flexibility to the worker himself.

In some instances, freelancing is not easy to start, and the income is not always constant. You have to try to earn an extra margin to be able to impose yourself and save for emergencies, etc. The freelancing world requires a lot of order, discipline and is usually more sacrificed in the beginning. Still, when done in the right way, it has many advantages over traditional job benefits that, when you see them gathered in one place, give us to understand why its characteristics seduce more and more people. Next, we tell you Why is Freelancing Far Better Than a Day Job so you can understand. Keep reading!

1. Flexible Schedules

Undoubtedly, time control is the main difference between an office job and a freelance one. It does not mean that you are going to lower the number of hours (at least, at the beginning), but it does mean that you will have control of the hours spent in the day to devote to your work, as well as the breaks.


Do you work better at night, do you want to take two hours of lunch with your children or spend the morning to go to seminars and learn new things? A great advantage of freelancing is to build your agenda, depending on the projects you are working on. And thus develop a quality life in which you will have control of everything.

2. Savings on Public Transport

The offices need to visit them from Monday to Friday, which for many can mean several hours a day traveling, either on public transport or in private. Which adds an additional expense of time and money that the freelancer can dominate. While the relationship with customers is always important, there are tools such as teleconferences or the classic email that allow you to maintain contact without having to make long travel distances.

Freelancing also applies in case meetings need to be held. A day and a time are arranged to hold the meeting through some application that provides video calling, either from your own office or your home, for then have the rest of the day available at your own pace.

3. Grow Your Career

Freelance work is much more compatible with the possibility of training, postgraduate, or attending conferences that will allow you to grow as a professional and offer much more valuable work. This is a big thanks to the time flexibility your day can have. Just as you can schedule a morning or afternoon of meetings, you could also, if necessary, accommodate your schedule to improve your resume during the week. I personally advise you to learn digital marketing before start freelancing as a career, which will be helpful to understand more. 

4. Work for Whoever You Want

An office job means working for your employer’s interests. But the freelance worker may have the chance to build his group of clients depending on his interests, be they personal, economic as well as professional. In the beginning, it won’t be that easy; it’s true. And it is part of learning to have to accept clients that are not easy to deal with.

But in the long run, you will have a contact network that will allow you to build the trust of different clients with whom you are related.

And if you have a terrible experience, you cut the connection and dedicate yourself to the rest of your portfolio (hopefully very diversified). Here with an office job, this is much harder to control.

5. The Value of Your Work

You may be able to define how much your work is worth. Here you must take the time to conduct a market analysis, at least general, to know what a competitive price would be to offer. At the same time, take into account your experience and training and, based on that, establish an objective average value.

It is possible that when you start on this new path until you become known in the market. And enjoy a favorable reputation, you should offer a lower value than your work is worth until getting proper recognition. If you are willing to be your boss, with discipline, it is possible to live in this way. The key is to understand our customers and how to communicate with them.

If you want to learn how you can start your Freelance career and what are the other important things you need to take care of, then ask us in comments. It would our pleasure to assist you. Thanks.